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Xerox Corporation is a publicly-traded (NYSE:XRX) multinational corporation focused on business processes outsourcing, information technology outsourcing, and print and document management for private and public sector organizations.[1]

Xerox grossed $22.39 billion in revenues for the fiscal year 2012, with nearly $1.2 billion in total profits.[2]

In 2010, Xerox acquired Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (ACS), an outsourcer of business process services for private companies and government agencies, focusing on communications, health care, and transportation. Through ACS, Xerox operates government functions such as processing Medicaid claims, managing the electronic toll collection system E-ZPass, servicing student loans, processing child support payments, managing electronic payment card programs (such as TANF, UI, SSI), and processing parking tickets.[3]


Board of Directors

Board members as of August 2013:[4]

  • Ursula M. Burns, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • Glenn A. Britt - Chairman and CEO, Time Warner Cable Inc.
  • Robert A. McDonald - Chairman, President and CEO, The Procter & Gamble Company
  • Charles Prince - Retired Chairman and CEO, Citigroup Inc.
  • Richard J. Harrington - Chairman and General Partner, The Cue Ball Group; Retired President and CEO, The Thomson Corporation
  • Ann N. Reese - Executive Director, Center for Adoption Policy
  • William Curt Hunter - Retired Dean, Tippie College of Business, University of Iowa
  • Sara Martinez Tucker - President and Chief Executive Officer, National Math and Science Initiative
  • Robert J. Keegan - Operating Partner, Friedman Fleischer & Lowe; Retired Chairman of the Board, CEO and President of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
  • Mary Agnes Wilderotter - Chairman and CEO, Frontier Communications Corporation

Corporate Officers

Key corporate officers as of August 2013: [5]

  • Ursula M. Burns - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • Lynn Blodgett - President, Xerox Services
  • James A. Firestone - President, Corporate Operations
  • Kathryn Mikells - Chief Financial Officer
  • Armando Zagalo de Lima - President, Xerox Technology
  • Don H. Liu - General Counsel and Secretary
  • Tom Maddison - Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Dave Amoriell - Chief Operating Officer, Government and Transportation Xerox Services
  • Tom Blodgett - Chief Operating Officer, Commercial Xerox Services
  • Christa Carone - Chief Marketing Officer
  • Michael Festa - Chief Financial Officer, Xerox Services
  • Connie Harvey - Chief Operating Officer, Healthcare Xerox Services
  • Joseph H. Mancini, Jr. - Chief Accounting Officer
  • Ivy Thomas McKinney - Chief Ethics Officer
  • Sophie Vandebroek - Chief Technology Officer
  • Carol Zierhoffer - Chief Information Officer

Contact Information

Xerox Headquarters
45 Glover Avenue
P.O. Box 4505
Norwalk, CT 06856


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