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Biographical Information

"Addison Wiggin is the executive publisher of Agora Financial, LLC, a fiercely independent economic forecasting and financial research firm. He's the creator and editorial director of Agora Financial's daily 5 Min. Forecast and editorial director of The Daily Reckoning. Wiggin is the founder of Agora Entertainment, executive producer and co-writer of I.O.U.S.A., which was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, the 2009 Critics Choice Award for Best Documentary Feature, and was also shortlisted for a 2009 Academy Award. He is the author of the companion book of the film I.O.U.S.A.and his second edition of The Demise of the Dollar, and Why it's Even Better for Your Investments was just fully revised and updated. Wiggin is a three-time New York Times best-selling author whose work has been recognized by The New York Times Magazine, The Economist, Worth, The New York Times, The Washington Post as well as major network news programs. He also co-authored international bestsellers Financial Reckoning Day and Empire of Debt with Bill Bonner."[1]

"In late 2010, Mr. Wiggin became the president of Laissez Faire Books, the nation’s premier Libertarian bookseller, when the company was acquired by Agora Financial... Addison is a native of Stratham, N.H., founded in 1630 by Thomas Wiggin, a direct ancestor. But perhaps as an accidental consequence, he gained his most clear insight into free market capitalism while following the legendary rock band The Grateful Dead. Then, after several years as a “ski bum” in Telluride, Co., he earned an undergraduate degree in English and French from Western State College of Colorado in Gunnison and a master’s degree in philosophy from St. John’s College in Santa Fe, NM. and Annapolis, Md." [1]

"The critically-acclaimed documentary film I.O.U.S.A. was concieved of, co-written and executive produced by Agora Financial’s Addison Wiggin. In July 2008, the film was acquired by The Peter G. Peterson Foundation." [2]


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