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AlterNet "is a program of the Independent Media Institute (IMI), a nonprofit organization that empowers people with independent journalism, information, and media tools.

"IMI is dedicated to strengthening and supporting independent journalism, and to improving the public's access to independent information sources. We believe democracy is enhanced and public debate broadened when more voices are heard and more points of view are made available.
"In addition to AlterNet, IMI also hosts WireTap, an online independent information source by and for socially conscious youth. WireTap is a place for a new generation of writers, artists and activists to network and organize." [1]

Don Hazen is the executive director of the Independent Media Institute and executive editor of the two-time Webby Award-winning news site,

Foundation Support (2014)

" is a project of the Independent Media Institute. 2014 Foundation supporters include:

"Several of our additional funders wish to remain anonymous." [1]

Funding (2006)

" is a project of the Independent Media Institute. 2005-2006 Foundation supporters include:


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  1. AlterNet Foundation Support, organizational web page, accessed August 23, 2017.