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The American Policy Roundtable (APC) is a conservative 501c(3) educational group whose mission, according to their organizational website, is "mission of restoring the historic Judeo-Christian principles to American public policy."[1] The president and chief executive officer is David P. Zanotti, who attended Mount Vernon Bible College, Mount Vernon Nazarene College and Ashland University. He joined the American Policy Roundtable in 1985. [2]

Stands on issues

APC opposes casino gambling and lotteries, universal health care, bailouts of Wall Street businesses, mandatory paid sick leave policies, government involvement in education, and abortion. The group considers the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Roe v. Wade to be a mistake.[3] [4] APC also argues against global warming and supports the teaching of "intelligent design" in schools, and provides a link on its website to supposed information supporting the theory of intelligent design.[5][6][7]

Advancing religion in government

The APC works to conflate religion with government through a program called "40 of Prayer for Congress." The group's website states, "The Scriptures are clear that civil government is an institution and process that God the Creator has given to mankind. The Constitution provides 'We the People' with a representative body of government, a legislative branch called The Congress. Dissatisfaction with the Congress is at an all-time high. The responsibilities facing this Congress are even higher. Citizen protests and outcry can be heard in every city and town but where is the Church?" The site further explains that each week APC will pray for selected members of Congress, eventually praying through the entire list of congressmembers.[8][9]

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American Policy Roundtable
11288 Alameda Drive
Strongsville, Ohio 44149

Phone: (800) 522-VOTE
Fax: (440) 572-2128


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