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The American Sovereignty Action Project (ASAP), also referred to as the American Sovereignty Project (ASP), was founded by Cliff Kincaid.[1][2][3]

ASAP is the "grass-roots lobbying arm of Citizens United that works to protect American sovereignty and security. ASP's major objectives include complete U.S. withdrawal from the United Nations, defeat of the treaty to establish a permanent U.N.-controlled International Criminal Court, and rejection of one-world government," according to the Citizens United website.[4]

In March 1997, ASAP joined the Coalition to End the United Nations Entitlement. Other members were the Competitive Enterprise Institute and Americans for Tax Reform.[5]

ASAP is listed as a Free Congress Foundation Coalition member.[6]


The following names have been associated with the American Sovereignty Action Project:[7]

Anti-U.N. activities

On January 6, 1997, the National Center for Public Policy Research reported[8] that Cliff Kincaid of the American Sovereignty Action Project "delivered a presentation opposing a U.S. bailout of the United Nations and challenging the allegation that the U.S. owes the UN $1.5 billion. ... Kincaid also reported on efforts by the U.N. and some officials within the Clinton Administration to promote a global tax to benefit the U.N., discussed a new 300-page book written by proponents promoting the global tax, a Senate 70-28 vote last year to cut off all funding to the U.N. if it tries to impose a global tax, and a November 1996 GOA report on the global tax."

On March 13, 1997, the National Center for Public Policy Research reported[9] that James Sheehan of the Competitive Enterprise Institute "discussed CEI's participation in a March 3 press conference with the American Sovereignty Action Project and Americans for Tax Reform, among others, to discuss Rep. Roscoe Bartlett's new United Nations Erroneous Debt Act[, which] has over 45 original co-sponsors, would prohibit any payment to the United Nations of any contribution until U.S. overpayments to the UN are either reimbursed or properly credited as U.S. contributions."

In March 1998, the National Center for Public Policy Research reported[10] that Cliff Kincaid of the American Sovereignty Action Project of Citizens United "discussed the United Nations' request for more funds from the U.S. The U.N., he said, has failed to reimburse $6-8 billion in U.S. peacekeeping expenses incurred by the U.N. Said Kincaid: 'The Clinton Administration looted from Pentagon military readiness accounts." Additionally, Kincaid said, Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich "has endorsed repaying the phony $1 billion repayment" to the United Nations but, "[f]ortunately, leading Republicans", including Dick Armey and Tom DeLay, disagreed with Gingrich.


The "active donors" to ASP are "committed to restoring and defending America's sovereignty before any further power can be usurped by the corrupt and anti-American UN. In addition to the ultimate goal of terminating American membership in this body, ASP is working to cut off funding to the UN, remove UN facilities from American soil, keep the United States free from the UN's 'International Criminal Court,' and prevent the conscription of U.S. soldiers into the UN's armies."[11]


Response Dynamics Inc. is under contract with the Center for Government Integrity (CGI) and American Sovereignty Action Projects through August 27, 2008.[12]

Mailing lists

The American Sovereignty Project Mailing List is listed for sale by NextMark.[13]

Campaign donors for 2000 presidential hopeful Steve Forbes listed by the Eagle List Company included Citizens United and the American Sovereignty Project.[14]

Federalist Society

Federalist Society member Brian Hook, Special Assistant to the President, is Advisor for International Law and American Sovereignty Project.[15] The reference to the American Sovereignty Project may or may not be the same as that affiliated with Citizens United. No further information is provided.

Contact information

1006 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20003
Phone: 202 547-5420
Toll-Free: 800 362-4788
FAX: 202 547-5421

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