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Cliff Kincaid is a "right-wing writer and activist who has been a longtime critic of the United Nations and other multinational organizations. He is also a writer and editor[1] at Accuracy in Media (AIM), a right-wing media 'watchdog' organization," Media Matters for America reported December 8, 2005.[2] Kincaid "served as aide to former White House National Security Council staffer Oliver North."[3]

Kincaid is also the founder and Director of Citizens United's American Sovereignty Action Project[4][5]; a member of the Advisory Council of Sovereignty International[6]; and President of the National Committee Against the U.N. Takeover.[7]

Kincaid "has received significant support for his work from foundations controlled by right-wing financier Richard Mellon Scaife, who has funded AIM as as well as Kincaid's own organization, America's Survival, Inc.[8] [which] is dedicated to 'educat[ing] the American people and to expos[ing] the influence of global institutions, including an International Criminal Court, on their lives'," Media Matters wrote.[9]

Although Media Matters wrote[10] in December 2005 that Kincaid's "organization appears to be run from Kincaid's personal residence," Watch Unto Prayer wrote in 1997 that Kincaid's organization was "housed" at Paul Weyrich's Free Congress Foundation.[11]

In 1998, Kincaid authored the 'Washington Watch' column for The American Legion Magazine.[12]


  • Profiles of Deception (with Reed Irvine) 1990.
  • The News Manipulators (with Reed Irvine and Joseph C. Goulden) 1993.
  • Global Bondage: The U.N. Plan to Rule the World (1995).
  • Global Taxes for World Government (1997).
  • Michael New: Mercenary or American Soldier (with Daniel New) 1998.
  • The New United Nations' Welfare Giveaway (2000).
  • The Hijacking of American Foreign Policy (2003).
  • Why You Can't Trust the News (with Reed Irvine and Notra Trulock) 2003.


According to a brief biographical profile supplied to the National Journalism Center, Kincaid attended a course in summer 1978 and has subsequently been "guest co-host, Crossfire (CNN), columnist, American Legion, talk show host, WNTR-AM (DC), reporter, New York Tribune, correspondent, Cybercast News Service, commentator, Media Monitor (People's Radio Network), columnist, Washington Weekly, media columnist, Human Events, contributing editor, AIM Report, author, Global Taxes for World Government, author, Global Bondage: The U.N. Plan to Rule the World, author, The Playboy Foundation: A Mirror of the Culture?, author, The News Manipulators, co-author, Michael New: Mercenary or American Soldier?, co-author, Profile of Deception, published in Washington Post, Foundation Watch, New Guard, NewsMax.Com".[13]

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