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The Association of Wisconsin Lobbyists (AWL) describes itself as a "voluntary association for government relations professionals in Wisconsin" working to "enhance the integrity of our profession and to promote understanding of the importance of advocacy in the democratic process." [1]

AWL is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(6) organization, which is used for business leagues. In its 2005 filing with the IRS, AWL reported $113,538 in assets and $29,295 in income. [2] In 2006, AWL reported $10,017 in total revenue, $87,213 in net assets, and only $997 in income from membership dues.[3]

Ties with the Wisconsin Merchants Federation

AWL shares two staff people (Mary Kaja and Beth Arneson), its physical address and phone number with the Wisconsin Merchants Federation (WMF). According to WMF's website, in 1984 "[t]he Association of Wisconsin Lobbyists retains the WMF for association management. The AWL is a member organization of Wisconsin’s top lobbyists." [4]


From the AWL website: [5]

  • Mary C. Kaja - Executive Director (also Wisconsin Merchants Federation's Vice President of Operations [6])
  • Beth Arneson - Webmaster (also Wisconsin Merchants Federation's Administrative Assistant [6])


From the AWL website: [7]

  • Scott Tyre - AWL President; Capitol Navigators
  • Misha Lee - AWL Vice President; Sentry Insurance Group
  • Michael Semmann - AWL Secretary-Treasurer; Wisconsin Bankers Association
  • Patrick Schillinger - AWL Immediate Past President; Integrys Energy

Board members

From the AWL website: [8]

  • Amy Boyer - The Hamilton Group
  • Rebecca Larson - Xcel Energy
  • James Boullion, Jr. - Assoc. General Contractors of WI
  • Kate Blavat - Blavat Consulting
  • Mary Ann Gerrard - WI Automobile & Truck Dealers Assoc.
  • Luke Rollins - Wisconsin Housing Alliance
  • Janet Swandby - Swandby/Kilgore Associates, Inc.

Contact information


Association of Wisconsin Lobbyists
1 E. Main St., Suite 305
Madison, WI 53703

Phone: 608-257-3541
Fax: 608-257-8755

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