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The Buffalo Beast is a publication founded in 2002 by Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi, Kevin McElwee and Buffalo attorney Paul Fallon. It started as a free, biweekly newspaper andin 2007, under the leadership of its longest-serving editor, Allan Uthman, The BEAST changed to a pay/monthly format, distributed nationally, with international subscriptions. In late 2009, The BEAST ceased its print edition and now bills itself as "The World's Only Website." The current editor is Ian Murphy, who is perhaps best known for posing as billionaire businessman David H. Koch in a prank telephone call on February 23, 2011 to embattled Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker. Walker had introduced a budget bill that eliminated collective bargaining rights for public-sector unions, prompting tens of thousands of protesters to swarm the Wisconsin state capitol for weeks in protest. David Koch was Walker's biggest campaign donor in the 2010 election.[1]

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