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The Carnegie Corporation of New York "was created by Andrew Carnegie in 1911 to promote "the advancement and diffusion of knowledge and understanding." Under Carnegie's will, grants must benefit the people of the United States, although up to 7.4 percent of the funds may be used for the same purpose in countries that are or have been members of the British Commonwealth, with a current emphasis on Commonwealth Africa. As a grantmaking foundation, the Corporation seeks to carry out Carnegie's vision of philanthropy, which he said should aim "to do real and permanent good in this world."" [1]

Carnegie Medals of Philanthropy


"The Corporation's capital fund, originally donated at a value of about $135 million, had a market value of approximately $2.2 billion on September 30, 2005. It is expected that the Corporation's grant making will total more than $80 million during fiscal year 2005-2006." [2]

Board of Trustees


Journalism Projects

"In 2005, the Corporation announced a partnership with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation focused on improving journalism education. The Carnegie Knight Initiative on the Future of Journalism Education was launched as an educational initiative comprising five major research universities' schools of journalism and stressed curriculum enrichment, news training and experimentation and public leadership opportunities for the journalism school deans. Since it began, four additional university schools of journalism have joined the initiative. It will be expanded in 2008 to include three more schools and then capped at that twelve-university membership." [1]

Program Staff [2]


Carnegie Corporation of New York
437 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022 USA
Tel: (212) 371-3200

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