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Founded in 2006, Choose Black America (CBA) was a project of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)[1]. The group's website is no longer operational and was last indexed by the Internet Archive in August 2007. It appears that the project has been disbanded.


On the CBA website, it states "mass illegal immigration has been the single greatest impediment to black advancement in this country over the past 25 years." and their mission is simply "defending our country, our rights, our families, our jobs. Blacks, in particular, have lost economic opportunities, seen their kids schools flooded with non-English speaking students, and felt the socio-economic damage of illegal immigration more acutely than any other group."[2]

On its website Choose Black America explained the reason behind its name: "We choose the title of "Choose Black America" not as a Black racial-racist, separatist group, or even having a Black Nationalist agenda, but rather as a counter point to the racist strategies of the proponents of illegal immigration and amnesty, such as La Razs, Mecha, LULAC, MALDEF and the other so-called Latino, Hispanic, Chicano, Mechistas , et al. It is these groups that have labeled any American, especially Whites who resist their efforts of illegal invasion of our nation as racist pigs, nazis, fascist, hate mongering Europeans, et al," Ted Hayes wrote.[3]

This group received national attention when Lou Dobbs featured them on his show on CNN (10/24/06) to validate his contention that "open border advocates" are co-opting Civil Rights era rhetoric for their own purposes to the great dismay of Black Americans and other supporters of that movement. CNN cameras filmed a minute protest CBA organized against an undocumented Latina from South America who sought safe haven in a church in Chicago. The protest was countered by supporters of this woman of various ethnicities including African Americans.

According to its website, there are 11 people who make up either its founders, leaders or membership. Interestingly, the current chairperson of FAIR's board of advisors is former Colorado governor, Richard Lamm who in his book, "Two Wands, One Nation" stated: "Let me offer you, metaphorically, two magic wands that have sweeping powers to change society. With one wand you could wipe out all racism and discrimination from the hearts and minds of white America. The other wand you could wave across the ghettos and barrios of America and infuse the inhabitants with Japanese or Jewish values, respect for learning and ambition. . . I suggest that the best wand for society and for those who live in the ghettos and barrios would be the second wand."[citation needed]

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