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The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) is an anti-immigration group that has been branded a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).[1] FAIR calls itself an "organization of concerned citizens who share a common belief that our nation's immigration policies must be reformed to serve the national interest."[2] It was formed in 1979 by population control advocate and nativist John Tanton, who believes that immigration is a significant part of the US population "problem," and is part of the anti-immigrant John Tanton Network.[3][4]

In 2011, FAIR reported $6,202,879 in total revenue, $6,130,583 in total expenses, and $10,142,838 in net assets.[5]

Role in Arizona's Anti-Immigrant Law

FAIR played a significant role in drafting Arizona's controversial SB1070 anti-immigrant law, which has been successfully challenged by the US Department of Justice.[6][7] According to the FAIR website, "FAIR's legal affiliate, the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI)[,] assisted [Arizona] Senator Pearce in drafting the language of SB1070."[8]

Designation as a Hate Group

In 2007, the SPLC branded FAIR a hate group, stating that:

"The founder, chief ideologue and long-time funder of FAIR [ John Tanton ] is a racist. Key staff members have ties to white supremacist groups, some are members, and some have spoken at hate group functions. FAIR has accepted more than $1 million from a racist foundation devoted to studies of race and IQ, and to eugenics -- the pseudo-science of breeding a better human race that was utterly discredited by the Nazi euthanasia program. It spreads racist conspiracy theories."[1]

Lobbying Against the 2013 Immigration Reform Bill

In 2013, FAIR has played a major role in fighting the immigration reform bill, part of a proposal introduced by a bipartisan group of senators in January.[9] FAIR has received nearly $15 million in donations from the Colcom Foundation, started by Cordelia Scaife May, a close friend of John Tanton and sister to Richard Scaife of the right-wing Scaife Foundations.[9] FAIR has provided "studies" linking immigration reform to income inequality and crime, and its president, Dan Stein, published an op-ed in Politico in opposition to the immigration bill.[9] However, the evidence Stein cited to support the idea that immigration reform is harmful to the United States was called "wildly misleading, unsubstantiated, or flat-out wrong" by Media Matters for America.[10]


In 2011, FAIR reported $6,202,879 in total revenue, $6,130,583 in total expenses, and $10,142,838 in net assets.[11]

Funders (from 1986-2007) included:[12]

Front Groups

Groups that FAIR has created or funded include "You Don't Speak for Me!", Choose Black America,[13] and Coalition for the Future American Worker.[14]



As of June 2013:[15]

Board of Directors

As of June 2013:[16]

Former directors include:[17][18]

National Board of Advisors

As of June 2013:[19]

  • Hon.Brian Bilbray (Co-Chair)
  • Donald Collins, Sr. (Co-Chair)
  • Hon. Louis Barletta
  • Gwat Bhattacharjie
  • Gerda Bikales
  • J. Bayard Boyle
  • Hugh Brien
  • John Brock
  • Torrey Brown, M.D.
  • Frances Burke, Ph.D.
  • William Collard, Esq
  • Clifford Colwell, M.D.
  • Thomas A. Connolly
  • James R. Dorcy
  • Alfred P. Doyle, M.D.
  • Dino Drudi
  • Paul Egan
  • Bonnie Erbé
  • Robert Gillespie
  • Otis W. Graham, Jr., Ph.D.
  • Joseph R. Guzzardi
  • Robert E. Hannay
  • Lawrence E. Harrison
  • Marilyn Hempel
  • Dale M. Herder, Ph.D.
  • Diana Hull, Ph.D.
  • Hon. Walter D. Huddleston
  • Diana Hull, Ph.D.
  • Glenn Jackson
  • Mrs. T.N. Jordan
  • Carol Joyal
  • Hon.Richard Lamm
  • Roy C. Lierman
  • Donald Mann
  • K.C. Mcalpin
  • Joel McCleary
  • Scott McConnell
  • James G. McDonald, Esq.
  • Mrs. Carlos G. Morrison
  • Peter Nunez
  • Robert D. Park
  • Fred Pinkham, Ed.D.
  • Bruce S. Reid
  • Teela Roche
  • David M. Schippers, Esq.
  • John Philip Sousa, Iv
  • John Tanton, M.D.
  • Max Thelen, Jr.
  • Hon. Curtin Winsor, Jr.
  • Frosty Wooldridge
  • Robert Zaitlin, M.D.

Former Advisors include:[20]

  • Duke Austin
  • Dorothy R. Blair
  • Cleveland Chandler, Ph.D.
  • William W. Chip, Esq.
  • Jane S. DeLung
  • Carol Dubois
  • Don Feder
  • Frederick W. Guardabassi
  • Edward H. Harte
  • Bonnie Hawley
  • Hon. Fred C. Ikle
  • Alan Kuper, Ph.D.
  • Yeh Ling Ling
  • Henry Luce III
  • Henry Mayer M.D.
  • Helen Milliken
  • Frank Morris, Ph.D.
  • Nita Norman
  • Roy Porter
  • Thor Ramsing
  • Colonel Albert F. Rodriguez, Ret.
  • Charles T. Roth
  • Monica Bell Steensma
  • Joyce Tarnow

Contact Information

Federation for American Immigration Reform
25 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Suite 330
Washington, DC 20001
Phone: 202-328-7004
Fax: 202-387-3447
Web: http://www.fairus.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FAIRImmigration

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