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Citizens United for the Bush Agenda (CUBA) is the "project through which Citizens United members work to enact key elements of President Bush's conservative legislative and policy agenda, including across the board tax cuts, complete elimination of the death tax, a strong national defense, deployment of a missile defense system, educational choice, and a reduction in government regulation and red tape," Citizens United website states.[1]


"Mission Accomplished"

"The White House said that President Bush's landing on an aircraft carrier to declare the end of war in Iraq was not intended for his political gain. But a conservative group that supports Bush's policies has built a fundraising campaign around an official Navy photo of the president on the ship's deck," Glen Johnson wrote July 24, 2003, in the Boston Globe.[2][3]

"Citizens United for the Bush Agenda… C.U.B.A.? A rather curious acronym for a right wing group. …is asking up to $1,000 from 30,000 people who were mailed the photo in the past month. For an additional $43, which refers to Bush being the 43d president, donors can also receive an official baseball cap bearing the name and image of the carrier, the USS Abraham Lincoln...," Johnson wrote.


CUBA "[d]onors fully back the President’s policies on issues such as tax cuts, Social Security reform, the War on Terror, the sanctity of life, and the fight to preserve the institution of marriage. CUBA also works to defend the President, his family, and his Administration against the propagandist assertions of such liberal mouthpieces as Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi, most notably through an acclaimed documentary exposing the lies and motives of filmmaker Michael Moore and his supporters in the media."[4]

Mailing lists

The CUBA mailing list is listed for sale by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA).[5]

Response Unlimited lists Citizen United's Citizens United for the Bush Agenda, Citizens United Foundation, and The Presidential Coalition on a mailing list used for "Reagan Republicans for the New Millenium" Donors". [6]

An Eagle List Company list for USA Next Donors (United Seniors Association Donors) updated January 21, 2007, listed the Citizens United for the Bush Agenda among users for the "past six months".[7]

Contact information

1006 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20003
Phone: 202 547-5420
Toll-Free 800 362-4788
FAX: 202 547-5421

Resources and articles


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