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Colipa is the "European Trade Association representing the interests of the cosmetic, toiletry and perfumery industry, and was set up in 1962 to act as a voice for a €58.1 billion industry," according to its website. [1]

2008 meeting

Colipa's May 2008 annual meeting will focus on "animal testing alternatives, regulatory issues and innovation within the industry." Presenters from other industry groups include "Dr John Bailey from the American trade body the Personal Care Products Council and K Takano from Japan's Cosmetics Industry Association." In addition, "Ellen Raphael from Sense about Science - a UK-based charitable trust that responds to the misrepresentation of science to the public - will talk about the communication of innovation and new scientific ideas to the public." [2]

U.S. allies

The U.S. industry group Personal Care Products Council (then known as CTFA) mentioned in its 2005 annual report that, "We are facing increased regulatory clout from the European Union which is affecting our industry on a global basis. ... With the European Union now larger than the United States market, we can no longer assume the world will follow the US on regulatory matters. In fact, we are seeing safety and regulation issues coming from other markets and impacting us. . ... [S]ome of these forces could impose standards that are not appropriate for every market, and may even inhibit innovation. We must build even stronger links,and indeed alliances, with trade associations around the world -- particularly COLIPA in Europe -- to work together on a common set of actions." [3]

Contact information

venue Herrmann Debroux 15A
B-1160 Auderghem - Brussels

Phone: 00 32 2 227 66 10
Fax: 00 32 2 227 66 27

e-mail: colipa AT

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