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The Consumers Alliance for Affordable Natural Gas is an organisation launched by major chemical companies and industry associations, with the assistance of The Dutko Group, seeking "to increase their political influence by reaching out to groups outside of the industry, such as consumer and environmental organization."[1]

The coalition was formed by companies and industries concerned at the rising price of natural gas, including the American Chemistry Council, Dow Chemical, American Forest and Paper Association, DuPont, Rohm and Haas, and the Society of Plastic Industries. The Dutko Group said such groups as the Consumer Federation of America, the AFL-CIO and the 60 Plus Association "will become increasingly involved in the coalition."[1]

The coalition's immediate goal "to produce a stand-alone natural-gas bill," with measures designed to "stabilize the market for natural gas," is expected to facilitate drilling for natural gas, by "reducing drilling restrictions" and "speeding the environmental reviews required."[1]

On its website, Dutko Worldwide states that it "recommended a legislative and communications campaign to reshape the issue from an energy vs. environment debate to a consumers and jobs issue. The key to success was to ensure that all consumers’ voices are heard by bringing together and building a coalition of like-minded, yet nontraditional organizations and groups who have been adversely affected by the high and unstable cost of natural gas."[2]

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