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Crocodyl is an online project begun by CorpWatch in June, 2007 in collaboration with Charlie Cray of Center for Corporate Policy, Philip Mattera of Good Jobs First and others "to build a database of corporate profiles by using a global network of researchers, journalists and nonprofit organization members with experience researching corporations in specific industries and issue areas. By combining the knowledge of these specialists and the wisdom of our entire user base, Crocodyl can synthesize the breadth of information contributed by people worldwide and the data culled by people with years of experience in obtaining hard to find facts." [1]

Ian Elwood of CorpWatch was the Project Manager of Crocodyl [1] but in 2008 he went to work for WiserEarth.

Global Fortune 500

A project of Crocodyl website to "create a corporate profile on each of the global fortune 500" corporations.[2]

Targeted Corporations

The corporations below are priority targets for Crocodyl's database of companies. [3]

Contact Information

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Oakland, CA 94612 USA
Tel: 510-271-8080 Fax: 510-271-8083

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