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Endeavour Global Strategies is a public relations firm started in February, 2009 by three Washington, D.C. Republican operatives, Gretchen Hamel, Sean Spicer and Nathan Imperiale. Hamel is a former GOP Congressional staffer and Spicer and Imperiale are former Bush Administration staffers.[1][2] Hamel is also executive director of the conservative policy group Public Notice, and heads up a media project/front group called Bankrupting America, that attacks government stimulus and spending, and promotes budget cuts. Hamel refuses to disclose who is funding Bankrupting America.

Endeavour has run media campaigns in China, Ghana, India, Colombia, Russia, Switzerland, Korea, Brazil, Malaysia, Cambodia, Peru, Singapore, Belgium, Australia and Vietnam. and also runs international print, radio, online, and television media, as boasts that it has "contacts with outside stakeholders, business leaders, and government officials to benefit our clients." The company creates, directs, and produces videos; designs and constructs websites; authors promotional opinion pieces, press statements and press releases; and provides advice to members of Congress, high ranking U.S. government and military officials, foreign leaders, corporations, and associations to help burnish the public's perception of them.[3]

Endeavour works to control adverse news about its clients by preempting unfavorable stories and creating favorable information to feed to the media. The company website states,

In today's global 24-hour news cycle, breaking news comes from anywhere in the world, at anytime. Getting ahead of the story by preempting it or responding rapidly makes an enormous difference. Endeavour helps clients control breaking news by framing the issue and an organization during the first few critical hours. Endeavour's worldwide media contacts and experience give its clients an advantage. We are able to spread a client's message from East to West Coast, from New Delhi to Beijing, to Bogotá and back.[4]

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Endeavour Global Strategies
201 King Street, Suite 202
Alexandria VA, 22314 USA
email: info@EndeavourGS.com
Phone: 703.623.6167

Website: http://www.endeavorglobalstrategies.com


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