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Kristine "Kristi" Burton is spokesperson for the anti-abortion group Colorado for Equal Rights. Burton and her group seek to pass an amendment to the Colorado Constitution that would define a fertilized human egg as a "person" under Colorado law. In an article in the Rocky Mountain News Kristi Burton that she got "guidance from God" to pursue the constitutional amendment. [1]


Now 21 years old (in 2007), Kristi Burton was home-schooled and is described in a July 13, 2007 Catholic News Agency article as a "faithful Baptist from rural Peyton," Colorado. [2] She decided she wanted to stop abortion when she was 13 years old. As of July 30, 2007, she was enrolled in an online law school for home-schoolers called Oak Brook College of Law based in Fresno, California. As of November, 2007, she was undertaking an effort to collect 76,000 signatures to qualify a ballot initiative to alter Colorado's Constitution to reflect her religious beliefs that an embryo is entitled to full legal benefits and privileges under Colorado law.

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