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Sam Adcock is a lobbyist, the head of government relations at EADS North America (European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company).

He said, "defence companies are the biggest lobbyists in the world. It's their life-blood, their mother's milk, and if they don't lobby, they're dead." In 2007, the final stages of one of the biggest lobbying campaigns in recent history will be played out - the battle between EADS, owner of Airbus, and Boeing, for a $200bn (£100bn) contract to supply the US armed forces with 400 new air-to-air refuelling aircraft.[1] In a review of Washington D.C.-based lobbyists The Hill wrote, "Adcock has proven consistently he has what it takes for EADS North America to make its play on the U.S. defense market."[2]


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