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{{#badges:Koch Exposed}}TC4 Trust is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization with ties to the Koch network that the Center for Responsive Politics called a "shadow money mailbox," one of several groups -- like Freedom Partners and the Center to Protect Patient Rights -- "that do virtually nothing but pass grants through to other politically active 501(c)(4) organizations, many of which have been big spenders on election ads benefiting the GOP."[1] The group's stated purpose was "[g]rant making to organizations which focus on the advancement of free markets, liberty and individual freedoms."[2]

In its first two years of operation, TC4 distributed nearly 80% of its $46.3 million in revenues to other groups. Many of the recipients were the same as those receiving donations from the Center to Protect Patient Rights (CPPR).[3] In addition, some $28 million of TC4's spending was funneled to CPPR through affiliated organizations, as listed below.

TC4 Trust has been non-operative since 2012, but its activities are noteworthy.[4]

Ties to Koch Brothers

The Koch network was one of the biggest political operations in 2012 and worked largely outside the campaign finance system, raising at least $407 million. Source: Robert Maguire with the Center for Responsive Politics.

According to its 990 filings, the TC4 Trust seems to have provided funding for a variety of right-wing advocacy organizations with links to the Koch brothers, often through a network of affiliated organizations.

For example, in 2009-2010 TC4 made a grant of $2.5 million to Themis Trust, which supports the Koch brothers' Themis voter database project. Additional funding was channeled from TC4 to Themis through [Disregarded Entity|disregarded entities]], including $2.5 million to STN LLC and $1.8 million to DAS MGR LLC. TC4 Trust funded other conservative organizations including PRDIST LLC (a subsidiary of Americans for Prosperity), POFN LLC (an affiliate of Public Notice), 60 Plus Association, Concerned Women for America, Citizens Against Government Waste, and American Commitment.[5]

In 2012, the Libre Initiative appears to have received $693,000 from the TC4 Trust via TDNA, LLC. The same filing shows that the TC4 Trust also reported giving $2,130,000 to Generation Opportunity through TRGN, LLC.[6]

The TC4 Trust also has ties to the Koch brothers through Koch network annual meetings. According to a report by the Center for Responsive Politics, TC4 Executive Director Gretchen Hamel gave presentations at at least one of the Kochs’ "strategy sessions."[1] The director of the Center to Protect Patient Rights, which appears to have received $3.8 million from TC4 Trust through Meridian Edition, LLC, is Sean Noble, who has attended and presented at a number of Koch meetings.


As a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, the TC4 Trust is not required to disclose its donors.

Core financials

2011[2] For the period July 1, 2011-June 30, 2012

  • Total Revenue: $20,364,993
  • Total Expenses: $28,081,761
  • Net Assets: $0

As TC4 Trust reported $0 in net assets in 2011, the organization may no longer be a functioning entity.

2010[7] For the period July 1, 2010-June 30, 2011

  • Total Revenue: $3,635,083
  • Total Expenses: $30,880,071
  • Net Assets: $7,716,828

2009[8] For the period August 28, 2009-June 30, 2010

  • Total Revenue: $42,720,078
  • Total Expenses: $7,758,262
  • Net Assets: $34,961,816

No prior year information was listed on the 2009 filing.

Money Distributed

Koch Wiki

The Koch brothers -- David and Charles -- are the right-wing billionaire co-owners of Koch Industries. As two of the richest people in the world, they are key funders of the right-wing infrastructure, including the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the State Policy Network (SPN). In SourceWatch, key articles on the Kochs include: Koch Brothers, Koch Industries, Americans for Prosperity, American Encore, and Freedom Partners.

The $400 million Koch network.
The $400 million Koch network uses a maze of nonprofit groups and LLCs to conceal donations and campaign activity
Source: Robert Maguire with the Center for Responsive Politics. Matea Gold and Cristina Rivero/The Washington Post.

This information is based on the TC4 Trust's 990 filings.

TC4's contributions to CPPR


(July 1, 2011-June 30, 2012)


(July 1, 2010-June 30, 2011)


(August 28, 2009-June 30, 2010)


Affiliated entities

According to TC4's 990 filings, RGSN, LLC is a disregarded entity of the TC4 Trust.

Many of the organizations listed as grant recipients by TC4 Trust are disregarded entities of other right-wing organizations.

Contact Information (a UPS Drop Box)

TC4 Trust
5810 Kingstowne Ctr.
Alexandria, VA 22315


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Intricate ties to American Commitment and Sean Noble: