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The National Interest (TNI) is a US-based journal of international affairs which is published by The Nixon Center. It was founded in 1985 by Irving Kristol, a leading figure in the rise of Neo-conservatism.

In 2006 TNI boasted on its website that "when pundits of the op-ed pages and talk-shows speak of 'The End of History' or 'Geo-economics,' or 'The West and the Rest,' they are using phrases they came across first in The National Interest."[1]

TNI currently states that "groupthink is not an appropriate way for the world’s remaining superpower to forge policy. Other nations and movements have their own perspectives and priorities. Some of them are outright unacceptable and need to be vigorously resisted. But all need to be objectively evaluated if we want to succeed in the world arena. This is what National Interest online seeks: to provide a space for vigorous debate and exchange not only among Americans but between U.S. and overseas interlocutors. This is the new home for informed analysis and frank but reasoned exchanges on foreign policy and international affairs."[2]

In its Summer 2005 issue, the magazine owners, while reiterating that it would be "open to differing points of view", made it clear that it would continue to promote a realist point of view in American foreign policy [See "An Announcement," inside front cover]

Owen Harries is the editor emeritus of The National Interest and he was editor in chief from its founding in 1985 until 2001.


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