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Alexis Debat is, among other things,[1] found described as a "political scientist and terrorism analyst"; a "senior consultant" to ABC News (now a former consultant; "Debat was asked to resign in June [2007] after questions were raised by the French government about his academic credentials.");[2] a contractor for the RAND Corporation; a "contributing editor" to The National Interest, a neoconservative publication founded by Irving Kristol; a Senior Fellow for National Security and Terrorism at the Nixon Center;[3][4] a "premiere expert" on Pakistan;[5] a "former advisor to the French minister of Defense on Transatlantic Affairs"; a "visiting professor at Middlebury College"; and "Director of the Scientific Committee for the Institut Montaigne (Paris)".[6]

Debat also had affiliations with the think tank the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, and the lobbying firm Jefferson Waterman International, and sought work with the PR firm the Lincoln Group, reported Laura Rozen. "Debat was introduced to a co-founder of the Lincoln Group, Paige Craig, at a Washington dinner party, and the two became friends." According to Craig, Debat had "done two hours of consulting work for Lincoln Group staff on the Horn of Africa." Lincoln CEO Ray Petty told Rozen that Debat "was supposed to get with some of my guys in Dubai ... but he was never an employee." Lincoln co-founder Christian Bailey said that "to the best of my knowledge, Debat has not worked for the Lincoln Group." Why all the job hustling? "In a practice not uncommon at think tanks," wrote Rozen, "Debat's position at the Nixon Center required him to raise his own funds." [7]

"Simply put," Will Bunch of Attytood Blog wrote September 13, 2007, "Debat -- a former French defense official who now works at the (no, you can't make these things up) Nixon Center -- has also been a leading source in pounding the drumbeat for war in Iran, and directly linked to some bizarre stories -- reported on ABC's widely watched news shows, and nowhere else -- that either ratcheted up fears of terrorism or that could have stoked new tensions between Washington and Tehran."[8]


The following biographical profile for Debat comes from a cache file of the Homeland Security Policy Institute at George Washington Medical Center.[4]

"After completing his tour with the UN Relief and Works Agency in 1997 and graduating with a PhD from La Sorbonne in 1999, Alexis occupied various positions in the French government, first as an analyst on the Counter-Terrorism Coordinating Committee, then as a senior desk officer for the Ministry of Defense.
"Upon settling in the United States in 2003, he pursued his research on terrorism and Islam through his work as visiting professor at Middlebury College, senior consultant to ABC News, and expert on Islamic finance and Islamic law for clients such as Deutsche Bank and the Japan External Trade Organization. ...
"He also advises the Business for Diplomatic Action, a consortium of American companies, on the implementation of public diplomacy programs in the Middle East. He has published extensively on Islam and terrorism in The National Interest and on, where he writes a weekly column."

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