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{{#badges: Tobaccowiki}} Philip Morris convened its Worldwide Ventilation Task Force in December, 1997 [1]with the mission of encouraging business owners to invest in improved ventilation systems for their buildings to help decrease pressure to enact smoking bans and preserve smoking areas in workplaces and public places. Philip Morris described the task force's mission as:

Identify, demonstrate and support applications of engineering principles and ventilation technologies to provide and promote acceptable IAQ [indoor air quality] and facilitate accommodation in public settings.

The Ventilation Task Force was created to support PM's effort to spread its Accommodation Program world wide. PM first rolled out the Accommodation Program in the United States to help encourage businesses to create or keep existing smoking areas. The Accommodation Program was PM's effort to preserve smoking in public places and deal with increasing public concern about the health effects of secondhand smoke on nonsmokers. One of the activities of the Task Force was to "build and nurture networks of [ventilation] technical professionals that support indoor environmental quality and promote accommodation." PM sought to ally with ventilation equipment vendors and help them boost their business by promoting ventilation as the best alternative to smoking bans.

The ultimate job of the Task Force was to stave off smoking bans worldwide.

The task force was overseen by Philip Morris Worldwide Regulatory Affairs.

Ventilation Task Force Members

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