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World Climate Report (WCR) is a blog published by New Hope Environmental Services, "an advocacy science consulting firm"[1] run by global warming skeptic, Patrick J. Michaels.

WCR states that it "points out the weaknesses and outright fallacies in the science that is being touted as “proof” of disastrous warming. It’s the perfect antidote against those who argue for proposed changes to the Rio Climate Treaty, such as the Kyoto Protocol, which are aimed at limiting carbon emissions from the United States."[2]

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The first edition of WCR was published in mid-1995. The newsletter of The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition new biweekly journal of original research and analysis, focused on the issue of global climatic change, will be edited by TASSC member and environmental scientist Dr. Patrick J. Michaels."[3]


The World Climate Report blog lists its staff, as of March 2005, [4] as:

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