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On its website, sets out its "Code of Conduct". It states that "Crikey is dedicated to independent, lively debate about Australian politics, media, business, culture and society generally. We welcome your participation in this discussion, but we ask that you help us keep the conversation useful, interesting and welcoming. In short, we ask that people ‘play the ball not the man’."[1]

"More specifically, we reserve the right to edit or delete comments which are offensive, make personal attacks or could expose us to legal action. Please help us to keep the conversation on topic by debating the issues. We reserve the right to close conversations which descend into flamewars or personal attacks. We prefer not to have to edit or delete comments on our website, so please help us uphold the code of conduct so we don’t have to."

New Matilda states that "we welcome comments of all kinds — supportive, dissenting, critical or otherwise. However, we reserve the right to delete or edit comments that:

  • Are defamatory or abusive
  • Promote hate of any kind
  • Attack the writer not the argument
  • Are blatantly off-topic
  • Do not contribute to the discussion
  • Mislead through impersonation
  • Don’t make sense
Repeat offenders will be blocked from using the comments function on the site."[2]

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