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Bradley A. Blakeman is the former president and chief executive officer,[1] as well as one of several prominent conservatives funding Freedom's Watch, a new White House front group[2] which began "a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign to urge members of Congress who may be wavering in their support for the war in Iraq not to 'cut and run'."[3]

Blakeman resigned as Freedom's Watch chairman in March 2008[4] amid a reported "internal dysfunction" in the group that resulted in a breakdown in relations between Blakeman and the board of directors.[5]

Blakeman served as a member of President George W. Bush's Senior Staff as the Deputy Assistant to the President for Appointments and Scheduling.[6]

Prior to joining the Bush administration in 2006, Blakeman worked as a lobbyist at Park Strategies LLC for former Sen. Alfonse D'Amato (R-N.Y.).[7][8] He is also the Senior Advisor for Gordon C. James Public Relations.[6]

Blakeman is a former vice president of Barbour, Griffith and Rogers.


"Bradley A. Blakeman also served in the White House as Volunteer Lead Advance Representative from 1980-1993. During this time he implemented and supervised major media events nationally and internationally. He was also a consultant to the offices of both the President and the Vice President of the United States from 1980-1993 in support of our nation's domestic and international policies.

"Appointed by President [George H.W.] Bush in 1990, he became the youngest member on the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council. [He] was appointed to the Industrial Development Agency (IDA) Board of Directors in 1999 by the County Executive and served as the Assistant Secretary until 2001. The IDA uses non-taxpayer dollars to help grow, expand and bring business to Nassau County. Bradley A. Blakeman is a Founding member of the Secret Service Family Fund and sits on the Board of Directors. This organization, which began in 1995 after the Oklahoma City bombing, supports families of Secret Service victims.

"[He] is a well known Republican Strategist and can be seen and heard regularly on FOX News, MSNBC and BBC Television and Radio. [He] has appeared on CNN, Tucker Carlson, Joe Scarborough, Hardball with Chris Matthews, Nightline, Fox and Friends and numerous other national and local media outlets.

"[He] obtained his B.A in Political Science from Adelphi University in 1980. He graduated from Jacob Fuschsberg Law Center-Touro College in 1986 with his J.D."[6]

Contact information

Park Strategies
101 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10178
Phone: 212 883-5608

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