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{{#badges: Front groups}} Project Protect was a front group supporting the Bush administration's pro-logging Healthy Forests Initiative.

Anti-Enviro Front Groups Grow on Trees

Paul Thacker reports on "one short-lived 'grassroots' organization" based in Oregon, whose leaders "played a key role in passing President George W. Bush's Healthy Forests legislation and are now promoting changes" to the Endangered Species Act (ESA) that would reduce protections and require compensation for landowners.

One key figure is Tim Wigley, the director of the public relations firm Pac/West Communications. After working for a timber industry trade group and a forest-products company, Wigley led the group Project Protect, a $2.9 million media campaign which supported President Bush's Healthy Forests legislation and was run out of the offices of the American Forest Resource Council. Wigley is now the campaign director of the Save Our Species Alliance (SOSA), "which has become a prominent voice in convincing voters that change to ESA is needed." [1]

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  1. Paul Thacker, "Hidden ties: Big environmental changes backed by big industry Lobbyists and industry officials who once pushed for the presidentâ??s Healthy Forests legislation now collaborate with Rep. [Richard] Pombo to alter the Endangered Species Act", Environmental Science & Technology, March 8, 2006.

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